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Caramel, Kia, Kia Ivy, Jasper Wade

This is one lucky motherfucking black pornstar! As the scene fades in, we see big dick stud Jasper Wade hammering slender black honey Caramel from the back. Part way through the sex, another chunky ebony harlot called Kia enters the scene, demanding a piece of the action. The two girls give Jasper a hot double cocksucking and also play with each other for a while before they return to the hardcore pussy pounding. Dirty and busty Kia, wanting to get one up on Caramel, offers up her ass hole, which Jasper willingly accepts. She gets screwed hard in her butt and then the cock goes back in Caramel's mouth for the cum explosion.

Cherokee D'Ass, Dwayne Cummings

Booty jiggling and butt shaking open this clip, with her dark behind on display Cherokee loves to shake it for the camera. Dwayne comes in and spreads her cheeks wide then sits back and lets her wrap her lips around his long schlong, with her ass in the air she bobs her head up and down on his shaft making her backside bounce with the rhythm. With her knees against her chest, she lays back so Dwayne can penetrate her muff before rolling her over to squeeze her cheeks together and fuck her doggy style. He bangs her in a variety of positions that show case her bodacious rump making it wiggle and thump.

Nicole Parks, L.T.

Nicole Parks is your typical slut next door, albeit with an outfit that almost brands her a total tramp. She's a total cutie in the face and a whore with the rest of her body, so it's a nice combination. L.T. gets her alone in her backyard and convinces her to have a good at sucking his large black manhood. It really doesn't take her all that long to agree to it, and she's on her knees in the grass, trying to suck on a wang that is almost bigger around than her mouth. That's when you know this is going to be a fun episode.

Cherry Rose, Devlin Weed

Cherry Rose is a blonde beauty who goes the extra mile for us any time we hire her. She is always smiling and ready to go but today she hesitated a bit when she saw what we wanted her to do. We showed her Devlin Weed's big black dick and for a nice white girl like Cherry that giant slab of dark meat was pretty damn scary! Devlin promised to take it easy until she was very wet so she went for it... and Devlin lied.... that dude never holds nothing back!

Xena, Charlie Mac, Shorty Mac

Sexy dark woman Xena poses in red panties, showing off her natural boobs and turning to show off her backside as she makes her anus clap. She shakes her big fine anus, making it bounce before she joins her horny dude to suck his black weiner. She slurps on his tool as she blows him, and she lays back on the couch so he can eat out her pink slot. She climbs on top to ride him cowgirl, her enormous anus bouncing on his rod. He lays her back to fuck her bald vagina missionary, and she gets on her hands and knees so he can give it to her doggy style. He finally jerks his load out all over her backside, his ejaculate coating her crack.

Candice Jackson, Bishop

Candice Jackson sometimes gets so turned on that she doesn't even bother going in the house before she ends up getting fucked silly. Instead she's going to go ahead and fuck outside, letting her shaved pussy do the talking to Bishop. This big dick black guy is all over that sweet pussy, making sure that she's taking one hell of a pounding as he works that sweet pussy. She has a huge black ass and you're going to want to stare at it through a good part of the video, as Bishop knows that he needs to share that booty with the world.

Avalon, L.T.

When dark dude LT walks out to the pool, he sees large anus ebony diva Avalon lying face down, sunbathing. He stands there for a moment appreciating her fine booty and then he jumps on the horny babe, grabbing her by the hips and lifting her up into the doggystyle position. From here he yanks her knickers down around her knees, tonguing her vagina and anus crack from the back. He slides his pole in to Avalon's juicy cunt, starting up a steady oversize dong pounding that makes the helpless diva moan in ecstasy. She is extremely juicy and firm, extracting LT's cream quickly he whips out his pole and drops his load on the pretty babe's face.

Monique, Herschel Savage

Caucasian man Herschel Savage has got a real craving for black booty! When gorgeous ebony porn babe Monique stands up in front of him, bending over at the waist, he just can't resist reaching out, whipping off her lingerie and burying his nose into her booty crack! He takes a deep breath, relishing the smell of that butthole, licking all around the rectum and then sliding his wet and stiff tongue straight inside. Monique gives him a short and quick cocksucking and then lowers her sphincter down on the large white pole in reverse cowgirl. This episode is all about hard core white on dark interracial backdoor - followed by a big facial cumshot!

Cherokee D'Ass, Ethan Hunt

Black seductress Cherokee D'Butt' name speaks for herself. Ethan Hunt is excited to have his way with her today and get a taste of that sweet round rump. Her anus is seriously quake worthy, it sticks out behind her like two hefty mountains. With every movement of her body her backside bounces and bounces. She backs it up to the lap of Ethan and grinds his crotch. When she gets on her kneels and whips out his penis his semi hard dick starts to rise higher and harder. He displays her butt and grips it with both hands as he plunges into her tight cooche.

Cherokee D'Ass, Ace

These dark brothers sure know how to treat their bitches! This hot dark sex movie begins with massive booty dark babe Cherokee stripping down and showing off her fantastic ass. She is wearing fishnet stockings and a tiny thong that barely covers her pussy. Damn sexy! She joins her guy, black pimp Ace, who is fully clothed on the bed. She bends over submissively in front of him, giving up her booty for inspection. He squeezes it and rubs it with an appreciative eye before he pulls out his tool and rams it down her throat. After Cherokee has shown her oral skills, he gives her what she really craves - a damn good pounding!

Nikki Luv, Shorty Mac

Barbie doll blond Nikki Luv and hung ebony stud Shorty Mac join together for a scintillating interracial sex clip. Shorty picks up Nikki walking along the street, attracting the luscious blond with his pimped out ways and bringing her back to his home office. She is shocked when she sees the pictures of naked women on his studio wall, but far from being offended, she puts her arm around Shorty's shoulders and starts to get really comfortable. This dirty blond knows what the deal is, showing off her best fuck skills through a sloppy blow job and steamy cock riding session. She happily drinks Shorty's cum in the hope of launching her career.

Diva Devine, Tyler Knight

It's a good thing that Diva Devine is wearing that sexy black dress, because it makes it easier for this stud to not only take it off eventually, but to feel the warmth of her pussy and to check out those perky boobs of hers even before they get down to business. He picks her up and grinds her cooter against his dong through his pants, and then he takes off her bra and massages her boobs with his tongue. She wraps her lips around his meatstick and tries to fit it inside of her mouth before he tries to fit in inside of her tight cunt. He gets her so moist that he can get inside of her balls deep, and then he unloads his jizz inside her mouth.

Ms. Honey, Devlin Weed

Honey has giant boobs and a hefty backside to match! She loves to sit on a hard shaft and jiggle until her moist cooter brings every last drop of ejaculate from it!! Click here to see the hot vids we took of this oh so sweet and lovely black dyme!!

Jamie Elle, Shorty Mac

Crazy black reality porn star Shorty Mac is back! This guy really has away with the sluts and his hit rate is almost 100%. Today he picks up a sexy blond milf, whose car has broken down. He takes her back to his house to offer her some assistance, improving her mood was his joking around. By the time they get inside his front door he's complimenting her on her body, and she shyly takes off her clothes to reveal luscious breasts and a full, fertile ass. Her husband never pays her this kind of attention so she is only too glad to get down on her knees and suck on the most black gentleman's cock. Shorty blows a wad in her mouth.

Luscious Lopez, Donny Long

Luscious Lopez is the first to admit that her relationship with Donny Long is an unstable one. It's not bad or problematic but they both like to fuck a whole lot more than either of them let on and because of that they find themselves in the arms of other people a lot more than either of them feel they should. So once a week they have a date night to try to bring themselves back together again. Just one night every week where they set everything aside and try to have fun where there was no fun before.

Lacey Langley, Sledge Hammer

Beautiful light-skinned black girl Lacey Langley sits back on her couch naked, and she rubs her hands over her moist pussy and erect clit. She masturbates until she gets herself off, and then she puts on a gray bra and panties set. She's joined by her horny man, and she goes right to work sucking his huge cock. He stands over her as she lays back so he can fuck her mouth, and he eats her out before he gives it to her doggy style. She bounces on his dick reverse cowgirl, and he shoots his cum all over her mouth before she sucks every last drop out of his rod.

Leila, Kyle Phillips

Leila is the wildest, sexiest and horniest Latina nurse that you're ever going to see. Her tits are just barely hidden by the super firm outfit, and that miniskirt is coming up pretty damn high too. This delicious nurse comes in to check on Kyle Phillips, and while he seems like he's in a rather sorry state he's going to be a very happy guy soon. She checks out all of his vitals, then she goes ahead and checks out his dickhead. This Latina nurse requires to get it on with some sexual healing, and once you see her naked you know that you wouldn't be able to turn down that luscious ass.

Kelly Starr, Johnny Thrust

In this white on dark interracial vid, white porn guy Johnny Thrust gets caught by ebony police officer Kelly Starr in a sting operation. Johnny turns up at the brothel expecting to get himself some slit - but instead he finds himself almost in handcuffs! However, this sexy vice cop has got a few vices of her own - namely, a real penchant for hard white shaft! Johnny will do anything to get himself out of trouble, including sucking on the big breasted hottie's big ebony tits and pierced ebony cooche. Before you know it the police officer is stark naked - except for her innocent police hat - and getting banged hard from the rear end!

Kitten, Julian St. Jox

If you like huge tits then Kitten is the one for you. Julian St. Jox has his hands full with this chocolate beauty. Pulling his cock out of his pants she gives him a blow job. He lays down so she can climb aboard his swollen shaft. Up and down she slides her cunt along his rod. She bends over and he slides his dick deep into her juicy wet pussy. Slamming hard she pushes back against his thrusts to increase both their pleasure. On her back now legs in the air she positions her pussy for penetration. Going for another ride this time she gets it in the ass. Off she comes and he blows his load in her mouth.

Mercury Orbitz, Tony Eveready

Mercury Orbitz is a flexible, fun loving cheerleader who can't resist getting really into her cheer practice. She's wearing her cheerleading outfit as often as not, and ends up going over to Tony Eveready's house after practice. She's all hyped up and ready for a bang fest that will keep her going through the rest of the night. She might look like she's this innocent cheerleader, but she's got a hell of a mouth on her when she's opening up wide to take down that weiner. Of course she gets even more excited when she gets to pound her cooche up and down on it.

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